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Increase your Search Ranking with Buzz Signal with your Press Release from TransWorldNews

Atlanta 4/18/2012 03:26 AM GMT (WooEB)

TransWorldNews a leader in press release distribution services offers members the ability to increase their online exposure instantly. TransWorldNews which provides members the ability to distribute press releases through its platform now offers members the ability to add a Buzz Signal with each release they distribute.

What is a Buzz Signal?

A Buzz Signal generates Social Buzz almost as quick as you can feel a bee sting. Buzz Signal does the following things when you include one with your press release:

BuzzSignal generates “Social Buzz” which… Creates Higher search engine rankings (due to increased levels of social signals)
Creates Higher visibility achieved by hundreds of individual social references
Creates Higher exposure in the social networks through social buzz
Initiates the viral spread of your content
Increases the Traffic and Eyeballs on your content
Creates a Longer "shelf life" for your release
Increases the “stickiness” of your release through “Social Proof”. A crowd draws a crowd.
Increases the Length of Visit which is a positive search engine ranking factor.

Google has been talking about the influence of "human social activity" as it relates to your web presence.
BuzzSignal is a 5 year old technology that is geared specifically to be a recommendation engine and Social Signal generator. BuzzSignal recommends your content in the most popular social networks that exist online.  

Ayodeji Dikio of TransWorldNews stated “ We have seen a significant increase in page views to individual press releases that have included Buzz Signal. Brosda and Bentley a Realtor in Miami has been utilizing TransWorldNews’ Press Release Distribution Services for years. On a release that they included Buzz Signal they saw an increase of over 300 percent in views. This has been fairly common. Our members are seeing a significant increase in actual views to press releases that include Buzz Signal.”

Jonathan Waite of WooEB, Inc. stated “All of the releases distributed through TransWorldNews also are disseminated through each Members WooEB Hub. This by itself creates additional exposure for the press release, but when they add a Buzz Signal to the release an entirely new dimension to our distribution occurs. The people are the ones perpetuating the distribution by liking it on Facebook, tweeting and retweets on Twitter, sharing it to Digg and Stumble upon and book marking the URL of the release. All of this takes place over a couple of days resulting in pulling in traffic and links from all of these social sites to your press release. When you think about it for a 5 seconds press releases distributed over TransWorldNews and included on WooEB with a Buzz Signal hit the readers you are hoping to reach quicker  than if it was picked up by the local newspapers. And really does anyone read their local paper anymore?

Do a Buzz Signal with your press releases through TransWorldNews and build your social presence at the same time.

To send out your press releases and reach the readers you want and increase your online social presence today. Include a Buzz Signal.

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