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Roofing Contractors are in Great Demand As Rough Weather Patches Take Their Toll

Greenbelt 4/06/2012 02:19 AM GMT (WooEB)

Recent rough weather patches have settled down in various parts of the country over the last several days. With the calm after the storm, homeowners are finding themselves scrambling for roofing contractors. National roofing resource website, Roofing-Directory.com says a major spike in requests for roofing contractors has been happening over the last few days and that this spike in requests for roofing contractors is unlike anything that has been seen in years.

Parts of the country like the Dallas region and many areas in the south have been hit with tough weather that included hail, heavy winds, harsh rain and even tornados. The damage from this weather was greatly reported. Many people unfortunately lost their homes and sustained great damage. “As painful as it is to see the damage done by this weather, its inspiring to see the victims work hard to get themselves back to their regular lives. Our staff is standing by working longer hours now to make sure they keep the best roofing contractors on stand-by.”, said Roofing-Directory.com President, Ryan Corey.

Besides the harsh weather, Roofing-Directory.com believes that part of the spike recently in request for roofing contractors is due to the combination of the warmer, typically busy roofing season in addition to the economy rebounding. Roofing-Directory.com reported that over the recession from the last few years more and more homeowners were holding out on roof replacements and often performing roof repairs on their own. Now that the economy seems to be rebounding according to many perspectives, homeowners are coming back to look for replacement estimates and many of the DIY roof repair people are opting to have a professional come in for the project.

To find information on DIY roof repairs or to be connected with a roofing contractor in a specific local area, visit the website: http://www.roofing-directory.com  Roofing-Directory.com has been a national roofing resource leader online since 2007 and has connected thousands of homeowners with local, licensed and pre-screened roofers successfully since that time. Roofing-Directory.com provides an online platform to request to be contacted by a roofer as well as a toll-free number for homeowners to call for more immediate response.



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