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Non Twelve Step Drug Rehab: Enabling Health

Albion, MI 4/04/2012 09:20 PM GMT (WooEB)

Our drug treatment and recovery center has one of the highest success rates in the US primarily because we are a Non-Twelve Step Program facility.  It is also the primary reason why so many of the traditional treatment and recovery can only boast a 20% success rates at best.  These traditional facilities rely solely on the conventional 12-Step Programs and a few psychiatric therapies.  Unfortunately, these just don’t work as well as the Non-Twelve Step Drug Rehab programs that we offer our clients.

We employ a step-by-step program that contains 8 different courses for our clients to study while undergoing treatment and recovery.  Additionally, these courses work to help the clients recover on the emotional and mental level as well as the physical level.  Non-Twelve Step courses and programs teach our clients to:

  • Achieve greater energy levels
  • Develop an enthusiastic attitude towards life and living
  • Have the ability to make better decisions and think more clearly
  • Improve their attention span and memory levels
  • Increase the awareness of their surroundings
  • Increase their feelings of well being
  • Reduce and eliminate their substance craving
  • Reduce and eliminate symptoms commonly associated with substance abuse and addiction such as depression, fatigue, irritability, and various sleeping disorders

Thorough research that we have conducted in the past have proven continually that our Non-Twelve Step programs help to resolve both alcohol and drug addiction issues with our clients.  Additionally, these courses and programs enable the client to become healthier and contributing members of their communities.

Our Non-Twelve Step Drug Rehab facility never utilizes any drugs or medications to treat alcohol and drug addiction, although some medications are occasionally administered during the detox stage in the more extreme cases.  Instead, our Non-Twelve Step programs employ a combination of diet, nutrition, and supplements to help eliminate the cravings associated with alcohol and drug addiction.  Our programs are not just medical or psychiatric in nature.

The success of our Non-Twelve Step programs is based in the social education of our clients leading to the higher success rate that we experience where our alcohol and drug rehabilitation process is concerned.  We enable our clients to make their own decisions to return to society.  These programs primarily focus on teaching our clients live a healthier lifestyle free from substance addiction.  They are also taught how to once again stand on their own two feet, no longer relying on alcohol and drugs for help.

Over 70% of our former clients who have gone through our Non-Twelve Step Drug Rehab programs overcome their addictions and recover successfully as a result.  The typical treatment and recovery process takes anywhere from 4 to 6 months depending on the client and their particular addiction.  The bottom line is that the Non-Twelve Step approach works.



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