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Drug Treatment Programs: How They Can Help

Delray Beach 4/03/2012 08:53 PM GMT (WooEB)

Drug Treatment Programs

At the Delray Recovery Center, we offer a variety of drug treatment programs plans, all of which are individually created to best fit the clients needs. Assume a young man has just begun the process of recovery after abusing opiates for several years. Initially, the person must be put in a medically supervised detox for several days while trained professionals watch over him and make sure his body rids itself of the harmful toxins safely. Without the care of professionals, the process of detoxification can be extremely dangerous, and sometimes fatal. After the person has completed the detoxification process, they should be enrolled in a Residential Drug/Alcohol Treatment Facility. Delray Recovery Center provides this service, as well as several other services, all ranging in the intensity of the treatment given.

When deciding on one of many types of drug treatment programs Initially, the client should be enrolled in a Residential Treatment Program, which is where the client resides in a Sober Living Community, while being given 8 hours of intensive group therapy 7 days a week, as well as 1 individual session with a psychiatrist every week. In addition, the client is supervised by trained technicians for 24 hours every day. Also, all food and transportation are included in the program. This is the most intensive form of therapy offered at a Residential Treatment Facility, and is almost always the best choice for a person straight out of detox. The next step, after completing 30 days of residential therapy is to continue to the Intensive Outpatient Program.

Intensive Outpatient is a tract that focuses on the person in early recovery who has completed, 30 days of residential treatment, and desires to begin integrating back into normal society. Intensive outpatient groups are held in the evenings, which allows the client the ability to pursue continuing education, as well as possibly beginning a career. The idea is to reduce and help the client cope with the every day stresses every one of us face, without resorting to using drugs and alcohol. By teaching the client several coping mechanisms, we greatly reduce the probability of the client resorting to using drugs to cope with their stresses, and to handle them in a more responsible way. It has been proven that people in early recovery whom decided to seek the help of a drug treatment center to help beat their addictions are significantly more likely to achieve long term sobriety over those who try to do it alone and don’t get into any of multiple types of drug treatment programs.



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