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Gambling Can Become an Addiction: The Underlying Dangers

Delray Beach 3/29/2012 10:58 PM GMT (WooEB)

Gambling Can Become an Addiction

Gambling does not carry the same stigma that drug abuse does and in most cases it is not illegal, however it can be just as addictive and life altering when it becomes a compulsive habit.  Individuals with an addictive personality, either present before a specific addiction is born or presenting itself down the road, tend to be predisposed to this type of recurring behavior.

Gambling can cause players to experience and crave a similar feeling to the high produced by drugs and alcohol. This excitement and anticipation causes a release of endorphins in the brain. This rush is what causes gamblers to spend all of their money, frequently visiting casinos and other establishments that offer wagered games of chance.

A gambling addiction can destroy finances and ruin relationships with friends and family members. If you are suffering from a gambling addiction, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. There are treatment facilities with therapists who specialize in this disorder that are available to help you kick this destructive habit.



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