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Don’t Wait for your Next Structured Settlement Payment, Sell and Get your Money Today

Atlanta 3/30/2012 12:35 AM GMT (WooEB)

You need money now but your next regularly scheduled structured settlement payment won’t come in until much later. With your bills piling up, it may feel like your finances are spiraling out of control. But if you have a structured settlement payment, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about money. By selling your structured settlement payments today you can get the money you need to get your finances back on track.

Selling your structured settlement is easy and shouldn’t take too much of your time. All you need to do is do a little research and make sure that you can trust the company that you’re selling to. While many companies will gladly buy all or some of your structured settlement payments, not all companies will offer you a fair price.  

Some companies will want to make a profit from your structured settlement payment.  They will offer you a lump sum payment that is far below the value of your structured settlement payment so they can resell the payments for a much larger price.

AnFed Bank doesn’t broker structured settlement payments so you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best deal possible for your settlement payments. With years of experience in the structured settlement finance industry, their team will help you get the most out of your structured settlement payments. Visit AnFed Bank today and get the money you need from your structured settlement payments now.



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