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Private School Students Create Lasting Legacy in Michigan Small Town

Seattle, WA 3/05/2012 10:53 PM GMT (WooEB)

Yearbooks are about collecting memories and photos from the past school year, and putting it into one big huge book. A high school just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan is taking that concept to a whole new level, while leaving a legacy that future students, teachers and staff can enjoy for years to come. 

Tall Tale Academy is starting a new tradition of allowing the senior class to create a four page spread encompassing highlights from the school’s most important events and occasions. That four page spread will be taken and placed into a blank book. Next year’s senior class will do the same thing and place their four pages in after this year’s senior class, and so on and so forth. 

“Our yearbooks highlight the best of the year but what if you wanted to see how the school has changed over the years, or what was important in 2014 compared to 2023”, said senior class president Michael Noggins. “That isn’t something you can do without pulling out hundreds of books and comparing them. This single book gives you a chance.” 

The multi-year yearbook will feature a leather cover, high definition photos, and small text references on the page. The final four pages will be featured in the regular year book, and then placed into a massive yearbook that is housed in the lobby of the headmaster’s office. 

“Past, present and future students will all be able to come and see what is inside the yearbook”, said vice-president of the student council, Noel Kardigans. “It really is a legacy that we’re leaving to future generations, and it all starts with us.” 

Traditionally, the senior class at Tall Tale Academy would leave a present to the school that could be used by future generations. Common presents were trees, water fountains, sculptures, and paintings. The senior class will still keep presenting these presents to the school in addition to the yearbook pages. 

This year all 45 seniors at Tall tale Academy were asked to submit a favorite photo for the yearbook pages. Future classes will be able to decide how photos are picked for the yearbook pages. Surveys, voting or allowing student council to pick for the class are all available options to students. 

“This is really a chance for the senior class to make an impression on the future of Tall Tale Academy”, said headmaster Herb Griggens. “I think it’s amazing and I really can’t wait to see how this project progresses over the years. It’ll be heartwarming.”



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