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Future Space Exploration Makes Storage Unit Owner’s Dreams Come True

Seattle, WA 3/05/2012 10:02 PM GMT (WooEB)

When Joe Timmons, owner of Stash and Dash portable storage units, was a child he used to wrap himself in aluminum foil and place a self-made helmet over his head and pretend to be an astronaut. Now 30 years later that dream of going to space will come true just not in the way that Joe or his family ever expected. 

“The thought of being out there in space where only a handful of people have ever been is just so appealing to me”, said Joe Timmons. “I mean we only know what’s out there because of what researchers and scientists have told us. Astronauts have actually been out there and experienced it for themselves. I wanted to try that.” 

Last summer Stash and Dash was approached by a representative for the space program at NASA. The request wasn’t to see if Timmons was ready to sport a spacesuit and walk on the moon, but it was close. 

“We received an official phone call from NASA to see if we would be available to meet with them a week later”, said Timmons. “Of course I said yes, who says no to NASA. However, what they proposed I certainly wasn’t prepared for.” 

NASA approached Stash and Dash to see if they would be willing to allow them to purchase several small portable units that could be sent into space. The portable units would hold several important space tools, astronaut’s belongings and equipment they would need to repair several satellites or explore the moon. 

Portable units are typically rented out, but NASA would need to purchase the units as it is unknown what condition they would return in. In addition to full compensation, reference in press releases to Stash and Dash, and extra compensation, NASA has agreed to paint or plaster Joe Timmons photo onto the side of several of the portable storage units.

“It’s not how I expected I’d be making my debut in space”, said Timmons. “But it’s more than most people can say they’ve experienced.”

Joe Timmons has scheduled a special photo shoot to capture the best picture for the side of the storage unit. The photo shoot is scheduled for next month. 

“I want a picture that absolutely shines”, said Timmons. “I mean what happens if a really good alien girl stops by, I certainly want to leave them breathless. Who knows it could be love at first sight!”



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