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Audio Recording School Vows to Generate Interest in Old School Recording

Seattle, WA 2/29/2012 09:57 PM GMT (WooEB)

Downloadable software designed to teach amateurs to rap, record and mix their own CDs or music has all but made the audio recording industry a thing of the past. Teenagers and future rappers and recording artist just need to download the software, follow the tutorials and they have an instant recording studio at their fingertips. 

Notes of Clarity, an audio recording school in Newark, New Jersey is making a commitment to future rappers and recording artists. Their commitment is to show them that these instant downloadable software recording studios don’t do their talent justice. 

“Instant downloadable software programs are great for singers and rappers who are just starting out”, said Notes of Clarity student Jimmy Houston. “About all these programs are good for is recording and playing back songs, but it doesn’t allow you to take out background noise or clean up the vocals. A recording studio can do that.” 

Notes of Clarity has scheduled a regional tour of high schools and colleges in the New York, New Jersey and Maryland area to speak to up-and-coming artists about the importance of seeking a professional recording from a certified recording school or studio. After the lecture Notes of Clarity will offer free 30-minute sessions with interested students to show them the difference between a professionally recorded track and one on the downloadable software recording studio. 

“We show them how we clean up the vocals, remove any background sounds and just really make a professional recorded song that music executives want to see”, said Sally Sevens. “It’s amazing how many of these future artists believe they can be signed with a recording that sounds like it’s made out of a tin can.” 

The high school and college tour is also about generating interest in studying or become a music producer or recorder. In recent years, there has been a 30% decline in amount of students who applied to the Notes of Clarity college program. The lecture also takes time to show students the fun and exciting career paths that are available to people in the music industry. 

“Not everyone can sing or rap like the best”, said high school student Holly Barbra. “Notes of Clarity showed me that I can pursue a career that allows me to be around music but not the one singing it. I fully plan on applying to several audio recording schools in the next month or two.”



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