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American Trainco Introduces New Three-Day Electrical Safety Class Format

Denver, CO 2/06/2012 04:00 PM GMT (WooEB)

American Trainco, the foremost maintenance training provider, announced the addition of an optional third day of arc flash and electrical safety training to be added to its popular two-day lecture training program. The additional class time, based on customer feedback, allows employees and employers to have an even richer class experience.

“Our arc flash and electrical safety training is designed to reduce liability concerns for employers while establishing a culture of safe work practices for employees,” said John Schuster, president and CEO. “The two-day class format does that, but adding the third day allows us to provide hands-on exercises for employees that want more in-depth training, and lets us show employers how to address the ‘demonstrated skill’ portion of the ‘qualified person’ definition.”

Creating a culture of electrical safety involves applying hands-on knowledge as well as understanding how to manage compliance with NFPA 70E® and OSHA standards. To meet those learning requirements, hands-on electrical safety training and exercises for the third day include reviewing and understanding short circuit calculations, performing three-point testing for verifying a circuit is de-energized, and applying NFPA 70E® hazard risk categories. Employers especially will benefit from learning how to complete an energized work permit, how to conduct a job briefing, and how to implement a skills demonstration process at their facility. Students can also opt to take the ATMT® Electrical Safety Certification Test to further demonstrate their mastery of electrical safety standards and practices.

Adding this third day of training allows American Trainco to provide their students with an even more rewarding class experience while still maintaining the high quality of their original two-day training course. The three-day classes are also offered in most major cities, allowing employers greater scheduling flexibility.

American Trainco has been training maintenance personnel in electrical safety, arc flash, and many other topics since 2002. In addition to a wide range of electrical classes such as electrical troubleshooting and basic electricity for non-electricians, they offer seminars in mechanical topics, including air conditioning and refrigeration, boiler safety, and centrifugal pumps.



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