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Nuix Solves Burning Big Data Problems With Latest Solution Releases

Sydney, NSW 2/02/2012 01:19 PM GMT (WooEB)

Nuix, an Australian based, worldwide provider of information management technologies, including eDiscovery and electronic investigation, has launched new innovations targeted at solving the Big Data problems faced by large organisations in Australia.

Finding, reviewing and controlling data is vital for managing risk and costs. Nuix’s newly launched Big Data solutions will allow large organisations to identify sensitive data for future storage or scrutiny and discard data that is of no value for business or operational purposes.

‘For many large Australian organisations, their data stores are so large and diverse, it is easier to buy more storage and turn a blind eye, rather than manage and reduce the existing data in their networks,’ said Nuix CEO, Eddie Sheehy.  ‘However, those organisations that do not have proper data management systems in place are exposing themselves to risk, operating efficiently and pushing up their operating costs.’
Nuix’s newly launched Big Data solutions include:

Nuix Defensible Deletion, enables organisations to identify, index, categorise, and delete data that is of no value for business or operational purposes. Nuix’s massively scalable, interactive technology and workflows enable content-based decisions so that corporations can be confident that their data remediation processes are sensible and defensible.

Nuix Visual Analytics, delivering interactive investigation, visualisation and workflow capabilities to users in a browser based application that is fully integrated into the Nuix eDiscovery platform. Visual Analytics enables Big Data to be graphically represented as an intuitive, interactive presentation.

Nuix Contract Discovery, a partnership between Nuix and Seal Software delivering unmatched ability to find and analyse contracts. Contract Discovery is critical to both defensible deletion and M&A due diligence, enabling rapid categorisation, assessment of a company’s contractual exposure, liabilities and risks.

Nuix launched their Big Data solutions at LegalTech New York 2012. For more information on these new solutions please visit: www.nuix.com/bigdata
About Nuix:
Nuix is a worldwide provider of information management technologies, including eDiscovery, electronic investigation and information governance software. Nuix solutions scale to meet the needs of the smallest or largest organisations, making it faster and easier to undertake investigations and data management activities, no matter the size or complexity of the data sets. Nuix customers include the world’s leading advisory firms, litigation support providers, enterprises, government departments, law enforcement agencies, and all of the world’s major corporate regulatory bodies. For more information see www.nuix.com

About Seal Software:

Seal Software is a global business leader composed of experts specialising in cDiscovery (contract discovery) and Contract Management. cDiscovery is revolutionising the way in which organizations discover contracts and integrate their risk management strategy with existing business critical systems.  Seal Software currently has offices in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA, working with customers and partners globally. For more information see www.seal-software.com

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